ProSwim is now providing specific swimming training for competitive swimmers, In addition to fun social events: cinema trips, biking, karting, ..

Goals of introducing swimming to schools:

Introducing swimming in every school's curriculum as a graded physical education course; with a set of reachable levels and targets (which may vary from school to school depending on the students' level); such as floating, basic techniques of freestyle, back stroke, breaststroke, etc. This concept has 2 targets:
  • To teach the basics of swimming to all students
  • To give the opportunity to those who wish to advance in their swimming, to register in the swimming school. ProSwim can then choose the elite and the most talented of students as the main school's competing team.

Philosophy of the school

In my personal experience of 25 years as a swimmer and of 15 years as a trainer, I have found that despite its benefits, swimming can be the most boring of sports. Especially when the quality of instruction fails to remain as a priority and the training becomes a routine. For that the school is dedicated to developing every child into a masterful, confident, and happy lifelong swimmer, by:
  • Providing a consistent quality instruction that gets the best and fastest results.
  • Motivating the students and parents.

Moreover, we strive to teach our students how to become safer in the water and how to become the best swimmers they can be. We believe in a caring, yet firm learning environment. There are countless swim philosophies that exist out there. Our philosophy is to customize a teaching style that works best for each student based on their age, abilities, desire and other important factors that are specific to each individual.

A new approach to swimming: a swimming school "ProSwim"

ProSwim doesn't operate in a fixed location; it is a swimming school consisting of a number of swimming coaches that are spread over a number of existing venues (hotels, health clubs ...). ProSwim consists of a complete interdisciplinary team such as trainers, physiologists, researchers, accountants, management expert, and marketing and advertising group. All trainers are guided and controlled by ProSwim's manager to ensure that the school's goals and concepts are met.