About Our School

Our philosophy is to customize a teaching style that works best for each student based on their age, abilities, desire and other important factors that are specific to each individual.

Our Goals

Swimming in Schools

Introducing swimming in every school's curriculum as a graded physical education course; with a set of reachable levels and targets (which may vary from school to school depending on the students' level); such as floating, basic techniques of freestyle, back stroke, breaststroke.


Organizing a graduation from making swimming less boring, more motivating and fun by: Setting concrete goals; levels, certificates and gifts on the completion of each level. Thus, organizing graduation from each set of levels.

Our Swimming Classes

Group Classes.

One, two or three weekly sessions for students in groups where they are offered the choice to improve together, identify themselves, compete with others, have fun, and jump from one level to the next.

Private Sessions (on appointments)

Private Sessions on appointments for kids where the coach get more focus on the student to leverage his skills.

Aqua Baby

Ideal opportunity to introduce your baby to the aquatic environment. The aim of the classes is water familiarization through, games activities and plenty of encouragement Aqua baby 3-15 months Water baby 3-24 months.

Ladies Class

This class is an exclusive class for ladies only and it is given at Ozone Club by a female coach.

Special Classes:

Special Classes for recovering from injuries, kids with down syndrome, physical disabilities, or any other special case.


Cardio and toning low impact workout. It takes place in a pool. Intended for people of all ages and athletic abilities, it's also safe for pregnant women.

Swimming for Senior Citizens

Older adults need moderate-intensity physical activity to develop aging fitness. Senior citizen swimming can easily meet these requirements